How to Recover Deleted Emails from Account

Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail: To Recover deleted Gmail Messages is the neediest thing when we mistakenly delete our messages. Gmail is used by more than a billion people over the world right now. People use it for various purposes like sending official messages to people over internet, messages, transfer images, videos.

In the same way, people also receive so many things in their inbox every day. It consists of images, videos, important and official messages. So when reading these messages if you happen to delete them mistakenly, you might feel that there is no way out.

But you don’t feel upset because there is a way to recovering those Gmail messages. We have created this article for helping those people who have faced this problem. Everything will be shown in this article whatever it takes to recover deleted Gmail messages.

How to Recover Deleted Email Messages in Gmail:

When we delete those messages, they will be moved to the trash folder. Don’t be afraid that you can’t retrieve it from trash folder because we will be able to recover them from trash folder too.

NOTE: Emails which are kept in trash folder for more than 30 days will be permanently deleted and can’t be retrieved again.

Therefore, we must regularly check our trash folder for any important messages and save them if they are important to us. It should be kept in mind always, and we should not delete the important messages without thinking twice.

Follow these Steps to Recover Deleted Messages in Gmail:

Just follow all the steps mentioned in this tutorial and, at last, you will be able to do the recovery process.

  1. First of all, you must be signed in to your Gmail account, if you are logged out, then you must first visit the login page and login to your account.
  2. Once you go there, search for trash folder by typing “in: trash” in the search bar.

  3. Now you have to select the message which you want to send to inbox again, if there are multiple emails then select multiple emails and on the top you will see a ‘move to’ option click on it and from that drop-down menu send it to the inbox.

  4. Now the emails which you have selected will be transferred back to your Inbox. Now you will be able to preserve that mail forever as long as that mail stays in the inbox, once you send that mail to trash it will be deleted within a month.

If you want to see trash folder in the same way as you see an inbox on the left side of the inbox, then you just have to press on see more below inbox and click and drag trash folder to the upper area.

If you want all the emails which you get to your Gmail inbox into some other backup, then you may do so by using an application such as Incredimail. You just have to download the application and then log in to that application using your details like Gmail login details. Once you login to it, whatever emails you get to your Gmail will be stored in it. You can download that application Click Here.

Download Gmail App for Android, iPhone & Windows

Gmail App for Android: Gmail is a Free Messaging System provided by Google that offers email file-sharing, Google search, video chat and more. Email is a system of sending and receiving Email electronically. Gmail can be accessed from any web browser from anywhere in the world. By using Gmail, you can type messages to one or more individuals. You can share files, PDFs, and other documents. provides each and everyone 2 GB free storage data for your emails. The Video chat service of Google nurse google plus provides the opportunity to talk to other people and simultaneously use other social networks just like Youtube.

How it Helps People?

Gmail is an excellent way to stay connected with others like Family, Friends, Co-workers, employees, businesses, and corporations. Gmail also have a calendar in which you can schedule as the later reminder.

And it all can be accessed using a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet through the Gmail app from the from the Google play store.

Gmail is like having your personal assistant anywhere anytime.

Gmail App Features:

  1. Compose new messages: This is a very cool feature. Through this, you can compose new messages in and can send to your friends or your employees.
  1. Add Attachments: In this feature, While you are sending an Email you can attach files, photos, and other documents along with your messages and though this is a very useful feature. If you want to send huge size file then for this there is Google Drive.
  1. Save Drafts: If you are writing an Email and then you just start feeling tired, then you can keep the incomplete Email in drafts.
  1. Reply to Email: Gmail allows you to respond to Email which you received in your inbox.
  1. Forward Email: This is a feature just like in Facebook and Whatsapp. In this feature, you can simply forward someone’s Email to other people.

How to Download Gmail App for Android:

Gmail App is also available on Android.  It is very easy to use. Even your kid can use it. You can access other Email accounts simultaneously, and you can access email accounts like Yahoo Mail, and more. You can easily download Gmail Apk from Google play store. But wait you can also download it from here. So check below.

LinkGmail App for Android

Gmail App for iPhone Free Download:

Friends if you an IPhone then Google has also released a Gmail Apk for iPhone also so that you can enjoy its amazing features on IPhone also. You can directly download your Gmail app from Itunes Apple store. But here we are providing the latest version of Gmail app, and you can directly download for your phone.

LinkGmail App for iPhone


So that’s was the Gmail introduction and direct link of Gmail app for both Android and IPhone,  I hope you enjoyed my article. In today’s lifestyle Gmail app is crucial for every person, and if you are a Businessman, then you must need a Gmail app for your smartphone.

So download this free Gmail app and makes your lifestyle easy and comfortable. If you are facing any problem while downloading or have any question about the Gmail app, then let us know in comments we would be very happy in solving your queries. And explore our site more for such helpful articles.

Thanks and Keep Visiting.

Gmail Will Now Warn You About Emails From Unencrypted Sources

Gmail Encrypted Email Sources: Gmail to warn users about Emails from Unencrypted Sources. In this digital era technology is playing a significant role in our lives, So its necessary to have a secure environment for over the internet. People are extensively using few things like mailing services from Gmail on the web. It is a need of the hour to have security features in all the internet applications.

Gmail is widespread now and is being used by a vast number of people. When it is used so many people, it is must to have that application secured. If we don’t secure it, it causes many problems to users regarding security.

Gmails Broken Lock Sign: Gmail to Warn Users About Mails from Unencrypted Sources

Emails From Unencrypted Sources

Emails From Unencrypted Sources

Google is taking an initiative regarding making the internet safer, and it has always been a pioneer in that aspect. It spares no second while compromising with such things. It is because of Gmails Unique Features that we can avoid many of the internet spams very easily.

Now Gmail has introduced new authentication features to Gmail. These features will be helpful for people to scan for harmful or insecure mail sources. Gmail said in the last year that it is going to improve all of its features that would be helpful to users for having a better and secure internet.

Gmail has recently crossed over one billion active users.  So it is merely Googles job to take off the security issues that are incurring right now all across the world. Keeping that in mind, Google has implemented this security feature which will warn users about unsecured sources or connections.

Gmail will notify the users when they send messages to unknown sources; the sources would be of those who have unencrypted connections.  A small broken lock will appear in the top right corner of the mail when we try to send it to unsecured sources.

Encryption will confirm us that the message is safe to interact with otherwise it is possible that a different user may hijack it. In the past, Google has also implemented HTTPS to ensure all the messages are safe over the internet. Over 57  percent of messages encrypted whereas from Gmail, it is 81 percent.

Emails From Unencrypted Sources

Gmails  Encrypted Sources

One more feature is also being added to Gmail, which would show us that the message that is received is authenticated or not. If there is a question mark shown for the profile picture of the sender, then that means Gmail found it unauthentic. Authentication is necessary to determine if a mail is phishing or any other kind of intruder attack.

If we got a mail from any significant institution or email provider like Gmail and if it isn’t authenticated then that would mean that it is a forged one which is done to harm the receiver. Although unauthenticated emails are not harmful always but Gmail wants to ensure that there is no insecurity in the usage of Gmails. It wishes to protect and secure all the things that could cause any problem.

Google is giving its users more and more options for better security in this new security updated feature.Keep visiting this blog as we will be updating you with news and updates.


Configure Outlook for Gmail – How to Setup Gmail in Microsoft Outlook

It’s easy to Configure Outlook for Gmail with Microsofts auto configure method. It is available in both Microsoft Outlook 2007 and also in Microsoft 2010. To  Configure Outlook for Gmail first you need to set your Gmail and set POP and let the emails download to POP or other folders using IMAP.

Most of us use Gmail for any mailing purposes, and it’s we are aware that it’s the best available for its straightforward and intuitive features. It is right now the most used mailing service throughout the cyberspace.

Configure Outlook For Gmail:

In spite of that Microsofts Outlook is also a good choice to use as it has some other features which come integrated with our computer. Therefore using Outlook is also a good choice considering its decent features. What if you want to check your emails in Gmail using Outlook? That’s what you want right? If the answer is in affirmative, then we have a solution for you.

We have provided all the steps required to Configure Outlook for Gmail efficiently without any complications and confusions. Follow this article and complete the process of Configuring Outlook for Gmail quickly.

Set up Gmail To Connect With Microsoft Outlook:

  1. First you need to Sign in to Gmail Account.
  2. Now click on the Drop down menu of the Gmail, which has a gear icon.Untitled
  3. Click on settings which are shown in the drop down menu.
  4. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP on the menu provided above.

  5. In POP Download: select ‘Enable POP  for all the mail that arrives from now on’.
  6. Now you have to select Archive Gmail’s copy in the drop down box  in the second point which is ‘when messages are accessed with POP.’
  7. Now just click on ‘Save Changes’.

This method will setup your Gmail account which can be used to use MS Outlook. If you want to use IMAP, then you can leave the steps from 5-7 and instead select IMAP and in IMAP access select Enable IMAP.

NOTE: You should select either of them among IMAP and POP but not both.

Configure Outlook:

Now you can Auto Configure MS Outlook for Your Gmail Account. It is a very smooth process.

  1.  Go to File menu and in the file menu which is Office button, select New account.
  2. Now Enter your details such as email ID and Password in the box.
  3. Now click next in this step.
  4. It will take a few moments and Outlook will search for Gmail settings and it will autoconfigure your account.

Follow these steps to Configure MS Outlook Manually for Gmail:

  1. In the account settings of Outlook, you will have to select ‘Add Account’ option.
  2. Now in this step, we shall have to choose the option Manually to configure server settings or additional server types.Fig-2-Manually-Configure-Server-Settings-400x278
  3. Now click next button and select Internet Email and select next again.
  4. In the next box which appears just enter your details such as name, email address and password in the boxes
  5. If you want a POP account, then select POP or If you want IMAP then select IMAP.
  6. Enter or depending on your choice in above step.
  7. For outgoing server enter and select more settings.
  8. Choose My Outgoing Server(SMTP) in outgoing Server tab.
  9. Click and select ‘use same settings as my incoming server.
  10. Now open Advanced tab

    Enter 995 in incoming server port if you are creating a POP3 account. If its IMAP enters 993.

  11. Now select ‘This server requires an encrypted connection’. For IMAP account and choose the encryption to SSL.
  12. The next step is to set outgoing server port and enter the value 587. Encryption as TLS.
  13. Click OK  and close the dialog box
  14. Now click on Test Account Settings to test the account settings.
  15. You will see a message that says account settings are correct. Now click on  Next. That’s it! You have  Configured Outlook for Gmail.

2 Step Verification for Gmail – How to Setup Two Step Verification

2 Step Verification for Gmail: 2 step verification is a very necessary thing if you use mailing apps like Gmail. Our email accounts are very much vulnerable to intruders because it might be easily hacked. If they get access to your Gmail, then it is most likely that all the relevant information is leaked to the intruder as we have al the emails related to passwords, etc.,

The intruders may get many benefits out of your account by tweaking into your account. They may also look at the history and find out many new things which are supposed to be secure with you. They may have access to your bank accounts. Also, it could leave you with empty bank balance if that happens.

Strong passwords are also not that secure and even they may be hacked. So to make your account very much safe, we need two-step authentication. It helps in securing your account to even more extent.


What is two-step authentication?

Two-step authentication is the most recommended way to prevent intruders from accessing our accounts. It verifies if it’s us or not by checking some other questions in addition to the password. The other method could be a code to be entered which we will receive on our mobile. It will check if the person who is accessing accounts have access to the physical devices as well or not. Making a password hack more difficult. Even if an intruder knows your password, he will not be able to answer the 2nd step for authentication.


How to Setup 2 Step Verification for Gmail:

Google is one of the pioneers who offered this kind of features to prevent intruders from accessing our accounts by bringing into the limelight the 2 step verification method.

Google even created an option for other companies to provide the services for two-step authentication. Companies like Facebook, Tumblr and many other companies use google’s services.

Follow these Steps to Setup 2 Step Gmail Verification:

  1. The first thing we need to do is visit this link for 2-step verification.

  2. Then click on Get started there on that page.
  3. Now you have to enter your Google credentials, email and password and press login.
  4. After that, you have to click on setup start button.

  5. You must add a phone number in the form which would be shown on the page. Six digit code would be sent to that phone number; you must no use google voice number.asfsdf
  6. Once you enter the phone number you will receive a message with the code to your phone number, now enter that code and proceed further.2 Step Verification for Gmail
  7. Choose your computer as a trusted device if that computer is your’s.2 Step Verification for Gmail
  8. Finally you have to confirm that you wish to turn on 2-step verification.2 Step Verification for Gmail

Now onwards whenever you log into your Gmail account, you will receive a code to your mobile number, and you will have to enter that specific code in space provided you will be able to authenticate your account that way. Now those who want to access your site will not be able to do it. You have increased the security by adding the 2-step authentication method.

Also, see this video get even more details: 2 Step Verification for Gmail